Birthday Parties Packages

Platinum Birthday Party Package

Mo-Thur: $399 Fri-Sun: $449

  •  Includes up to 23 jumpers, BGOH + 22
  •  90 Minutes of Private Activities (Warrior Course not an option)
  •  60 Minutes for Private Party Room Celebration
  • ·4 Large Pizzas, 14” diameter (16 slices/pizza) Standard: 4 Cheese or change to Pepperoni, Hamburger, or Sausage.                                                                                                                 Contact the Event Coordinator to change your order or to add additional ($15.00). Specialty Pizzas $17.00
  •  23 Mini Melt Cups
  • ·23 Pairs of Gravity Socks
  • ·$30 per additional jumper (includes Socks) Max of 30 Jumpers
  •  2 FREE adult jumpers 18+      *Can not combine any deals with packages*
  • Add an additional Birthday GOH for $25.30!   

Package Includes

  • Invitations: Post card invitations can be picked up at the store
  • Thank you cards: Thank you cards are given at the end of your party by your host
  • Birthday child will receive a B-Day T-shirt, Dodgeball, & 30 min jump pass
  • Unlimited drinks
  • You will have 2 Party Host the entire time
  • Party plates, napkins, & utensils are provided. Decorations are welcomed!
  • We will do the setting up and cleaning up for you!
  • Add on extra pizza, goodie cups, or mini melts!

  • $200 deposit due at time of booking
  • No outside ice cream, food, or drink allowed. Only exception is cake/cupcakes.
  • Birthdays can either be rescheduled or your deposit will be refunded on a gift card
  • All parties rescheduled within a week of reserved party will incur a $20.00 rescheduling fee
  • All parties booked within 7 days will incur a $50 convenience fee
  • If booking on a Holiday weekend pricing will apply

If you would like to schedule a Platinum Package Please contact the Event   Coordinator at 402-934-3394 ext. 1 or email